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A mobile math event designed to bring families together!

Mü-Math, the Mobile Unit to Promote Mathematical Thinking, was designed and fabricated by neuro-cognitive artist Robert Berkman, and represents the culmination of 3 decades of professional work in pre-kindergarden through college level mathematics classrooms. Reaching into his early experiences working in industrial arts and graphic design, Berkman incorporates sheet metal, laser cut acrylic panels and other off the shelf materials to fashion colorful, interactive activities which incorporate the distinct imagery of NYC. Each exhibit is hand-crafted to include minute details of New York life, from the pentagonal nut used to control fire hydrants to the rapidly disappearing mechanical parking meters. Download our brochure today to find out how you can host Mü-Math at your school!

Note: The name Mü-Math is derived from the Greek letter “mu” (pronounced “mew”) and is commonly used in mathematics to identify certain constants and variables; it is also reminiscent of the term “New Math” which ushered in a revolutionary, albeit confusing, era of mathematics education in the 1960s.

  • Exhibition Highlights
  • •What’s Your Subway’s Number? Arrange the colorful subway cars in a tunnel to figure out the identity of the mystery car.
  • •Split the Floor: Divide up the building floor into 4 apartments so that each one is exactly the same size and shape; make sure each apartment gets a kitchen and bathroom, too!
  • •On the Sidewalk: How are you going to arrange those hydrants, bus stops, bicycle racks and mailboxes on a crowded sidewalk? Use the clues to figure out the answer.
  • •Is This Puzzle Kosher? : You have some pickles, you have some barrels: how can you share the pickles while keeping the barrels in balance?
  • •Find Your Fare: Using the clues provided, move your magnetic pedestrians around the streets and avenues to reach the ultimate goal: hailing a cab!
  • •Manholes All In a Row: Arrange the multi-color manhole covers so that there is a different one in each row, column and quadrant.


Mü-Math: The Mobile Unit to Promote Mathematical Thinking
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